DB Support Specilist

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תיאור משרה

Trax is looking for a DB Support Specialist to join it's team.

This person will be responsible to learn Trax systems thoroughly to perform Ad-hoc DB operations, create scripts and answer ongoing support needs.

Becoming part of the growing support and assisting with knowledge creation and technically leading new requirements.

The ideal candidate will be able to work under pressure and with tight SLAs to provide excellent service.

He or she is expected to be autodidact who can push himself or herself to become a key player in the Trax organization.


  • Manage incoming requirements from regional projects.
  • Manage support tickets and prioritization.
  • Create Python scripts for the support.
  • Create SQL & NoSQL queries to perform regular operations.
  • Become a focal point of knowledge to the support.

דרישות תפקיד


  • 2+ years experience in customer support or similar positions.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with writing SQL, NoSQL(MongoDB), Python.
  • Strong technical skills, ability to deep dive into complex problems and find the root cause.
  • Good English skills – reading/writing.
  • Advantage – AWS, Jira, Flask, Shell, Bash, Linux/Unix, Monitoring tools.

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Trax Image Recognition

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טראקס (Trax) היא חברה המתמחה בפיתוח שירותי עיבוד תמונה (Image Recognition) לשוק הקמעונאי וליצרנים. הטכנולוגיה המהפכנית של Trax , המבוססת על זיהוי תמונה בזמן אמת, מאספת מידע מהעולם הפיזי, ממירה אותו למידע דיגיטלי בעזרת פתרונות Computer Vision ומסוגלת לפענח את מצב המוצרים על מדפי החנות השונים.

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