Head of Platforms & Apps

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תיאור משרה

Over the last 5 years, Yotpo has transformed the eCommerce and User-Generated Content landscapes.

Our relationships with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce; as well as with leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Hubspot, and SalesForce Marketing Cloud, have been critical both to our product offering and our growth.

Today, as an industry leader with over 200,000 clients and a strong product offering (as well as massive amounts of data), Yotpo is in a unique position to cultivate truly industry-changing partnerships.


  • Manage Yotpo’s most strategic platform and app partnerships (in a structured, goal-oriented way)
  • Research, decide, and lead our next strategic platform and app partnerships
  • Build inter-departmental processes to ensure the success of your partnerships
  • Lead and coordinate internally between various teams who need to all work together to ensure the success of your partnerships
  • This is an extremely challenging job that necessitates a deep understanding of technology and business.

 This position is located in our TLV office and requires working from Monday - Friday as well as some evenings.


דרישות תפקיד


  • Proven leadership excellence, either in professional career or military
  • Extremely analytical
  • 3+ years of fast personal growth and high impact in either a successful SAAS startup or a global technology company
  • Deep, proven understanding of product


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