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תיאור משרה

As a data engineer, you will join a growing team that is responsible for one of the most important foundations of the ongoing projects: Data.

Your responsibilities will be various and go beyond the conventional scope of a data engineer:

  • Research into and implement ways to algorithmically improve the relevance and quality of collected data, under various constraints
  • Come up with ideas for generating high quality annotated data out of thin air, via a click of a button
  • Develop tools to annotate and visualize the data, for multiple purposes and customers

You will collaborate within the lab as well as with teams outside it, learning their technologies for the purpose of both integrations as well as suggesting ways to improve or even replace them.

The results of your work will be relevant data to be used for both training and evaluation of state-of-the-art machine learning models developed by the lab, affecting millions of users throughout the Alibaba ecosystem, worldwide.

So, if you are a deep learning enthusiast, a scientist at heart who yet feels comfortable one day working on a complex model and then in the next one writing a cool tool - this unique position is for you!

דרישות תפקיד

  • 3+ years’ experience in Python.
  • 2+ years’ experience in any object-oriented programming and/or Frontend/web technologies.
  • Experience in design and implementation of algorithms.
  • Quick learner, independent thinker with a desire to learn and understand entire systems’ inner workings.


  • Experience in Computer Vision and/or NLP
  • An MSc. degree in a related field
  • Deep learning-related experience – Big advantage

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על החברה

עליבאבא הוקמה בשנת 1999 על ידי ג׳ק מה ו-18 מייסדים נוספים כחלוצת ה-e-commerce בסין. מאז הפכה לאחת מענקיות האינטרנט בסין והתרחבה לתחומים נוספים כגון מחשוב ענן, פיננסים, לוגיסטיקה, בריאות-טק, ספורט ועוד. בסוף 2017 הקימה החברה מרכז פיתוח בישראל, שעוסק בעיקר בתחומי הבינה המלאכותית והראייה הממוחשבת, ובו פותחו מספר טכנולוגיות ששולבו במוצרים שונים של עליבאבא, וכיום ממשיך לפתח טכנולוגיות חדשות שישולבו במוצרי החברה.

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