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תיאור משרה

In Alibaba DAMO Israel, we develop intelligent products and technologies.

The Israeli Lab is spearheading research and development of core computer vision and machine learning technologies, collaborating with world-class global teams to deliver emerging products and technologies. As part of that, we are responsible for creating machine learning-based solutions and pipelines for both production and development environments.

The solutions we create are incorporated in Alibaba's latest-and-greatest intelligent products and, therefore, must be scalable, efficient, and achieve the highest quality standard.

As our Full Stack Engineer you will define and provide the state-of-art infrastructure to propel rapid development and implementation of advanced Machine Learning services, through continuous technological innovations. With close collaboration between China and the global teams, you will have the opportunity to tackle challenges of huge-scale data generated from Alibaba ecosystem, to work with world-class machine learning experts and be an essential part of decision making to drive the development of big data infrastructure.

דרישות תפקיד


● Design and develop highly scalable, available, reliable and efficient AI-based [micro-]services and APIs

● Design and develop [functional] databases schemes, applications and services to support our the back-end of various frontend applications (mobile and web).

● Develop solutions and systems capable of efficiently processing big data (including photos and videos)

● Apply the latest technology and methodology in our environments and platforms, in areas such as various cloud services and large scale distributed data processing

Job requirements

● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related degree, or equivalent industry experience

● Mastering either Javascript or Python

● Experience with backend development using one or more of: Node.js, Go

● Experience with UI frameworks such as React.js, Vue.js or Angular.js

● Have strong experience with SQL and NoSQL databases.

● Experience working on Cloud-Native apps

● Eager to learn and research independently.

● Experience with Agile methodologies.

● Being attentive to details, team working, forward thinking, and innovative. Passion for building great user experience.


● Prior experience with machine learning algorithms and frameworks. Especially experience with frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe2, or PyTorch.

● Hands-on experience with Docker technology.

● Experience in CI/CD processes (Jenkins).

● Experience working with geographically diverse teams and locations.

● Proven leadership skills. We are looking for engineers that can teach and mentor others.

workהגשת מועמדות


על החברה

עליבאבא הוקמה בשנת 1999 על ידי ג׳ק מה ו-18 מייסדים נוספים כחלוצת ה-e-commerce בסין. מאז הפכה לאחת מענקיות האינטרנט בסין והתרחבה לתחומים נוספים כגון מחשוב ענן, פיננסים, לוגיסטיקה, בריאות-טק, ספורט ועוד. בסוף 2017 הקימה החברה מרכז פיתוח בישראל, שעוסק בעיקר בתחומי הבינה המלאכותית והראייה הממוחשבת, ובו פותחו מספר טכנולוגיות ששולבו במוצרים שונים של עליבאבא, וכיום ממשיך לפתח טכנולוגיות חדשות שישולבו במוצרי החברה.

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