Senior SW Developer- Tech Lead

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Job Description

We are looking for bright engineers with a passion to product development process to join our software ‘data center’ team. This team is building a new system that is responsible for collecting data from various sources in our customers’ environment. This distributed system, build on top on Kubernetes, will serve as a private cloud with different applications that we will build on top of it, including machine learning and deep learning solutions. The development is done with the newest technologies and architecture including SOA, Docker, Gradle, NoSQL and more. The code is written in Java (Spring boot) and Python.


  • Contributing in all development phases (from requirements to release)
  • Maintaining the teams’ agile board and collaborating with other groups
  • Leading the agile ceremonies
  • Leading features and epics
  • Designing and implementing new features, working closely with the PO and the architects
  • Supporting internal and external customers

דרישות תפקיד


  • At least 5 years of experience as a server side Java developer
  • A degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent degree
  • Experience in agile methodology
  • Experience of development with containers and dockers
  • Self-motivated, approachable, adaptable and have excellent communication skills; both written and verbal English is a must
  • Sense of Urgency and ability to work under pressure and deliver projects on time


  • Serving as a scrum master/ team leader/ tech leader
  • Knowledge in open source projects and frameworks and hands-on assimilation of open source / 3rd party software
  • Experience in Kubernetes
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Spring boot and Spring cloud
  • Scripting ability (Python)

workהגשת מועמדות

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אפלייד מטיריאלס ישראל מפתחת ומייצרת מערכות המהוות תשתית קריטית של תעשיית השבבים. אפלייד הייתה בין חברות הטכנולוגיה הבינלאומיות הראשונות שזיהו את הפוטנציאל העצום של תעשיית ההייטק המקומית, ורכשה את החברות אופאל ואורבוט מכשור הישראליות כבר בשנת 1997. מאז הקמת החברה הישראלית, התפתחה אפלייד וצמחה באופן משמעותי. כיום היא מעסיקה מעל 1,600 עובדים בארץ, רובם בפעילות הפיתוח והייצור באתר הממוקם בפארק המדע ברחובות.

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