Embedded system architecture

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תיאור משרה

  • Be part of groundbreaking team which leading the selection, design & implementation of the high-end data rate image processing for APPLIED MATERIALS next generation tools. 
  • Leading challenging research & development of image processing infra-structure both from SW and HW perspectives.  
  • Design and implementation the architecture of SW/System solutions in Real time Embedded Image Processing System. 
  • Development in high performance computing system and high data rate. 
  • Writing in all levels ASM/C/C++/python for DSPs/CPU/GPU/SOC at a low software level (directly interfacing to the system firmware controllers & peripherals)
  • Development in high performance computing system and high data rate.
  • Development in various operating systems (Windows, Linux, DSP-RTOS) and various processors (X86, ARM, DSP, GPU)
  • Intensive team work along the development path with various interfaces and other groups like algorithm & HW teams & Product SW groups & External sub-contractor SW team 
  • Participating in complicated & challenging HW/SW integration. 
  • Analysis & estimation of advanced SOC (system on chip) and SOM (system on module) in terms of performance estimation, programing model, Deep learning processing capabilities & infra-structure, ease of use, TTM, integration with existing funnels & modules , suitability for processing non-trivial image processing algorithm & building blocks.  
  • Developing of performance for image processing blocks on various architecture 
  • Working in a challenged multi-disciplinary project involving both system & marketeering aspects as well as deep researching for out of the box solutions and ideas.  

דרישות תפקיד

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science/Electrical Engineer or related technical discipline. 
  • Deep understanding in micro-architecture of processing units like GPU , DSP (VLIW) Intel Advanced CPU architecture , ARM A-Cortex architecture , Hybrid SOC architecture.   
  • Experience deeply in hands-on optimization and acceleration with at least one the following architecture:

  • DSP - VLIW architecture (e.g. TI multi-core DSP, Intel VPU).
  • GPU (CUDA kernel + Deep learning processing)
  • Intel CPU SIMD instructions like SSE2,SSE3,SSE4,AVX,AVX2,AVX512,AVX512+VNNI
  • ARM optimization with NEON instruction set. 
  • HLS for image processing 
  • Tensilica/CEVA/SnapDragon/IP DSP core -   based processor with SOC. 
  • Hybrid HW architecture (i.e ZYNQ, TI Multi-Core SOC ARM + DSP)  
  • Experience in developing of Image processing algorithm building blocks out of 

  • Registration, 
  • Segmentation, 
  • Tracking,
  •  Detection,
  •  Denoising, Computer-Vision, 
  • Machine-Learning, 
  • 3D (Stereo-Vision, Camera-Calibration, 3D Reconstruction) 
  • SLAM 
  • Analytic
  • Motion detection 
  • Radar algorithm 
  • ADAS  


  • Experience in developing in one of the following:

  • Advanced SOC – System on chip   , including high data rate interfaces (proprietary channels , PCIe ,SRIO , optic channels etc.)
  • Advanced SOM which integrate both HW fast interface with tight real time image processing. 
  • HPC which integrate image acquisition board + image processing with real time requirement. 
  • Deep knowledge with various HW aspects like PCIe , DDR  utilization , serial fast interfaces etc. 
  • At least 7-10 years of C/C++ experience in complex real time systems.
  • Excellent system vision and understanding, especially multi-discipline   and complex system. 
  • Excellent team work and ability to lead under non-authority environment while interfacing several groups and developers from HW, SW, System Solution architecture.
  • Familiarity with AI markets latest trends / devices / system – advantages. 
  • Deep understanding of CPU/GPU/DSP/FPGA/Hybrid devices architecture both from HW & SW perspectives. 
  • Experience in Image processing or Distributed computing systems – Advantage
  • Deep Knowledge in Linux environment, including drivers, simulation - Advantage

workהגשת מועמדות

Applied Materials

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