Cyber Security Research Lead

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תיאור משרה

We are looking for an experienced security researcher to lead the Aqua security research team.

Role responsibilities:

  • Build and lead a dynamic team of security researchers
  • Develop and execute the security research of the company to identify new and active security risks, vulnerabilities, and attacker methods
  • Develop state-of-the-art protection methods
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Product Management teams to implement cutting-edge product features
  • Act as a mentor & role model to the Security research team

דרישות תפקיד

  • Proven track record (5+ years) of leading research projects from concept to production systems
  • Proficient with Linux and Windows Kernel is a plus
  • Proficient in of exploit techniques such as: Stack/Heap Buffer Overflows, XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, MITM, DOS, etc.
  • Strong understanding of network protocols, experience in analyzing network traffic.
  • Strong understanding of application security threats (OWASP top 10) and defense methods.
  • Thought leadership – presenting at conferences, writing blogs
  • Knowledge of Cloud technologies: IaaS, Docker, Kubernetes is a plus
  • Able to work as part of an effective team
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities and industry focus
  • Ability to think outside the box and challenge the norm

Aqua Security

על החברה

אקווה (Aqua Security) היא חברת סטארט-אפ שהוקמה ב-2015 ועוסקת בשניים מהתחומים החמים ביותר כיום: מהפכת הקונטיינרים הווירטואליים בתחום ה-IT ובאבטחת סייבר.

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