Security Researcher

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תיאור משרה

We are looking for a strong security researcher to join our security team, with experience in vulnerability/malware research.

You’ll be in charge designing and implementing solutions to challenging security problems and investigating the latest security vulnerabilities in the cloud native ecosystem.

דרישות תפקיד

• 3+ Years' experience in Security Research, Web-Application & Network Penetration Testing or adjacent fields.

• Understand and apply attack and penetration concepts including the attack surface; identification of system software and configuration vulnerabilities and critical information, data and processes that must be protected.

• Software development experience/proficiency in multiple languages, mainly C/C++/ Python and other object-oriented platforms.

• Linux internals ELF, kernel, processes, networking, cgroups, namespaces.

• Experience with reverse engineering tools (e.g. disassemblers, debuggers, instrumentation frameworks, etc.).

• Basic understanding of concepts in vulnerability research Shell code, ROP, ASLR, exploit types, and heap manipulation.

workהגשת מועמדות

Aqua Security

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אקווה (Aqua Security) היא חברת סטארט-אפ שהוקמה ב-2015 ועוסקת בשניים מהתחומים החמים ביותר כיום: מהפכת הקונטיינרים הווירטואליים בתחום ה-IT ובאבטחת סייבר.

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