Principal DevOps Infrastructure Automation

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תיאור משרה

* Prototype, design, code, test, debug, document, deploy and maintain a production-quality infrastructure delivery pipeline

* Interact with the product owner and product management teams to review and implement proposed designs

* Perform code reviews and provide feedback to other engineers

* Write test cases to improve the quality and resiliency of the pipeline

* Provide customer support and training to users of the pipeline

* Identify and refactor the code to keep up with the technology changes, increase performance and reduce technical debt

* Write clear documentation, tutorials and presentations

* Be Agile as an active member of a cross functional Scrum team

דרישות תפקיד

Strong experience with building and operating large-scale, highly available distributed systems

* Strong knowledge of core CS fundamentals like operating systems, data structures and algorithms

* Experience with infrastructure as Code like Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, etc

* Experience with building and deploying Docker containers on Linux and Windows

* Working experience in building infrastructure as code for AWS Services, including EC2, ECS, Lambda, IAM, etc.

* Excellent communication skills, able to evangelize platform technologies within and outside the company

* Proficiency in Java and Python

* Working experience of 8+ years

* Team player, take pride in your craft, get things don

Preferred Qualifications

* Knowledge of Linux internals and experience with performance tuning techniques

* Open source project contributions

* Jenkins or other CI/CD orchestration tools

* Experience in Terraform or CloudFormation

* Experience with Security Audits like ISO 27001 or SOC2

* Experience building Serverless applications using Python or NodeJS

workהגשת מועמדות


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