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תיאור משרה

A clear customer-focus is the key to our success — Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS) tackles important problems for construction projects in simple and novel ways. We’re eager to hire our next researcher, who will drive our R&D team to better research questions, stronger customer insights, and an ever-more effective and useful product.

Construction is a complex, modular, and physical industry that shapes the world around us. On any given built-world project there are managers, contractors, laborers, engineers, designers, inspectors, and more who all need to coordinate and collaborate to complete the job at hand. It’s a complex domain and our research team is the translator-guides that ensure our success.

About you:

As a researcher within ACS, you help our team ask the right questions, and bring them along in discovering practical, actionable, and insightful answers. This means a blend of discovery, generative research, fast-cycle concept testing, and usability evaluation. You have a passion for field research and want to get down into the (almost-literal) nuts and bolts of how construction works.

Working closely with designers, product managers, and engineers, you’ll advocate for our users’ work and blend their needs with those of a complex enterprise business. The team you’re joining is eager for a strong research partner.

Key Responsibilities:

Embed in a product team to identify and lead projects that inform product and UX strategy

Evaluate prototypes and live product in iterative development

Create behavioral models, uncover workflows, define jobs to be done, pain points, and opportunities through field investigation

Bring qualitative meaning to quantitative insights through partnership with our data team

Build deep customer understanding across design, product, sales, support and beyond

דרישות תפקיד

5+ years industry experience

Degree in Human-Computer Interaction, Sociology, Psychology, Design, or equivalent experience

Experience running iterative testing embedded in a cross-functional team

Experience leading research initiatives that inform product & design direction

Self-motivated, autonomous, adept at navigating ambiguity; you set your schedule and drive it forward


Research methods: interviews, contextual inquiry, usability testing, card sorting, diary studies, unmoderated studies, remote studies—identify and employ what’s best suited for the project at hand

Communication skills: fluent use of scenarios and storytelling, frameworks, journey maps, personas

Visualization: help make user journeys and outcomes visible, tangible and compelling to the team

Bonus Points:

Experience managing research operations, e.g. participant scheduling, research lab, processes, incentives, tools

A passion for teaching others how to do effective user research

Advocate for experimentation and lean testing

Experience in service design methods and workshop facilitation


על החברה

Autodesk היא חברת ענק אמריקאית שמפתחת תוכנות ומעניקה פתרונות למגוון תחומים שונים ביניהם, הנדסה, תכנון ובנייה, ייצור, תקשורת ובידור. ב-2009 הוקם מרכז הפיתוח של החברה בארץ, ממש במרכז תל אביב.עיקר הפוקוס של המרכז בארץ הוא במחקר ופיתוח מוצרים וטכנולוגיות בתחום הענן, Web, Mobile וגם הדפסות תלת ממד, והוא נחשב לאתר אסטרטגי, מוביל ובעל השפעה על החברה כולה. במשרדי החברה מפתחים את המוצרים שנחשבים לחוד החנית בכל הקשור לתחום הבנייה והתכנון, מוצרים שחלקם כבר נמצאים בשימוש יומיומי אצל מיליוני אנשי מקצוע ברחבי העולם.

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