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תיאור משרה

This role will be critical in enabling self-service for our mobile engineering team. You’ll partner with the teams to execute against a self-service roadmap which you’ll both own. You and your team will be their source of expertise and their escalation points when issues are found. Your success will depend on your ability to communicate context to both technical and non-technical business partners.

The optimal candidate:

Your early career was focused on Engineering. You were in the trenches building code and experienced success in production environments. You soon developed a passion for the work needed to make highly available services. You’ve built internal tooling which has gained high adoption. Even before it was a title, you were a site reliability engineer. You found further success in evangelizing good practices to both engineering and operation teams. 


·        Deliver operational excellence in CI/CD for the Chegg Israel team.

·        Support the communication of metrics around mobile apps/service availability

·        Support the key evaluation metrics for your organization

·        Identify and prioritize projects to enable self-service Engineering organization within AWS

·        Innovate, share and educate both team members and the Chegg community  

דרישות תפקיד

·        Bachelor’s in computer science, or equivalent

·        Multi-year experience in site reliability or operations responsibilities.

·        Excellent communication skills 

·        Preference towards scripting and automating tasks and processes (e.g. Python, Bash, Ruby, TeamCity/Jenkins, Rundeck, Lambda, TerraForm)

·        Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other public cloud platforms

·        Experience with Linux operating system administration

·        Hands on experience with containers (bonus points for ECS/Docker)

·        Extensive experience supporting and troubleshooting servers in Java.

·        Experience with monitoring/reporting technologies (e.g. Zabbix, Nagios, Graphite/Grafana, CloudWatch)

·        Capable of quickly analyzing complex problems, understanding dependencies, and deducing the root cause 

·        A solid Ops foundation - you’re always thinking “What happens if this fails?” when building things. Demonstrate a strong process oriented mindset

·        A Team player who willingly jumps in and uses their broad experience to recommend and implement the best solution for our environment

·        Bonus: Supported the operation of mobile apps dev cycle

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על החברה

Chegg היא חברה אמריקאית שחרתה על דגלה לעזור לסטודנטים והיא מכוונת להפוך את הצורך בהשכלה לאפשרי ומשתלם לכל אחד. היא משפרת את התוצרים של הסטודנט האמריקאי במגוון שירותים: מהוזלת קניית ספרי לימוד בצורה משמעותית, דרך הצעת שירותים ויישומים לשיפור הזיכרון בלמידה למבחנים ומומחי תוכן שמסייעים מרחוק, ועד עזרה במימון הלימודים, מציאת המקום להתמחות לצבירת ניסיון ואפילו תכנון של קריירה והשלמת מיומנויות דרושות שחסרות באקדמיה.

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