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  • bubble_chartקטגוריהData Science
  • schoolנסיון3-4 שנות ניסיון
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תיאור משרה

You will work with huge amounts of data and hundreds of data points and research many aspects of this data for different use cases - fraud detection, user behavior, etc.

You will use both data analysis and machine learning to achieve that, your daily toolbox will be Vertica (including Vertica ML) using SQL, scikit-learn for advanced research, Stream Processing and Spark is coming up soon.

You will work in hybrid teams that include data scientists, developers, cyber researchers and analysts to close full cycles of idea > research > development > impact analysis and production rollout - fast.

דרישות תפקיד

  • Lover of data and gets deep into the details.
  • Experience in researching large amounts of data at the row level.
  • Experience with Classification and Clustering ML algorithms and libraries.
  • Highly proficient with SQL, big plus for experience with Vertica\Redshift.
  • Out of the ordinary communicator who can simplify complex ideas and implementations.
  • Previous developer and\or fraud experience is a big plus.
  • Previous experience with online advertising technologies is a plus.
  • MSc and above degree is a must.

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