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תיאור משרה

enSilo is looking for a passionate Security Analyst to join our leading forensic services team. Our forensics team objectives are to find evil, stop the bad guys and provide a superior customer service. Our forensics team has expertise in finding critical system vulnerabilities, exploits and malware campaigns. Our forensics team is comprised of individuals with strong knowledge in malware analysis, reverse engineering, scripting and digital forensics and incident response. 

As a security analyst you will be focused on reviewing and handling multiple events using enSilo’s technology. As a key forensicator member, you will be entrusted to deliver a high impact and valuable services to our customers. In this role, you will be tasked to analyze forensic data and end-point events, perform malware analysis, and respond to multiple security incidents.



Review incoming security events to perform initial triage of events. Notify customers of malware infections. Identify alerts that appear highly suspicious and escalate them. Identify likely false positives and categorize them, matching them to similar events from the past if possible. Escalate events to tier 2 when needed. 

דרישות תפקיד

B.S or MS degree in Computer Science, Information Security, Information Assurance, or any equivalent experience in the field of Information Security (InfoSec).

·         General knowledge of APT campaigns, malware attack vectors, memory injection techniques and malware persistence mechanism.

·         Familiarity with dynamic and static malware analysis tools, Sysinternal tools and so on.

·         Ability to multitask, work on multiple events and communicate with other team members virtually. 

·         Preferred customer support (email / phone) experience

·         Desktop support (helpdesk) background - advantage.

·         Security operations background - advantage.

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על החברה

enSilo היא חברת סייבר צעירה שפועלת בתחום פופולרי ותחרותי של זיהוי ומניעת התקפות נגד תוכנות כופר, נוזקות ממוקדות, מתקפות ללא קבצים ושאר מתקפות זדוניות. החברה מתמקדת במניעת גנבה ושיבוש מידע בארגונים, תוך שימוש בטכנולוגיה ייחודית שמגנה על נקודות קצה לפני ואחרי הדבקה, וכן עוצרת זליגות ופגיעה בנתונים בזמן אמת.

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