Sr. Backend Engineer

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תיאור משרה

Gong is one of Israel’s most valued private software companies. Our solution uses machine learning and AI to automate big parts of customer-facing roles. We serve over 1,500 customers, including Facebook, LinkedIn, ADP, Intercom, Drift and more. 

Tens of thousands of business professionals use Gong for their day-to-day work.

At Gong, we’re building new-generation, machine-learning based software that automates big parts of customer-facing roles by “understanding” their conversations and related work.

Our solution guides sales professionals, coaches them on how to become better, performs tasks for them, and directs them to the best actions.

Gong is seeking a highly motivated, Senior Backend Engineer, to join our talented R&D group in building our unique product.

If you are someone with a passion for creating innovative products and thrives on solving hard problems, you may be the one!

You Will:

  • Take part in the product design and planning phases and help translate the product vision into a solid product that performs, scales and is easy to use for users
  • Develop complex systems and services that run in production at scale
  • Explore & learn new fields, APIs and cutting-edge technologies including AI and NLP.
  • Write tons of code with very little supervision, while collaborating with the other team members
  • Be a part of a successful tech startup, building innovative state-of-the-art AI-based systems, leveraging machine learning, natural language understanding (NLU), and more.

דרישות תפקיד

You Are:

  • A top talent software engineer with significant hands-on experience in developing web applications, with +5 years of backend development experience
  • Experience with Java - a must
  • Experienced with large-scale, cloud-based web applications.
  • Ideally, someone with a good understanding of data and with an interest in machine learning
  • Preferably with a degree in computer science or similar.
  • An Excellent communicator and team player, with verbal and written skills in English.
  • Someone who enjoys having responsibility and experiencing ownership of the created product
  • Most importantly, a person who enjoys working in a team with very strong peers.

You’ll Get:

  • An opportunity to share success with top-tier engineers solving complex challenges in a high-profile, meteoric-growth, well-funded start-up company.

Here at Gong, we like to encourage our employees to express their personality and identity (whether gender, ethnic, religious, or sexual), and we ensure fairness and equal opportunities. 

If this consideration is important to you when choosing a workplace, we'd love to see you with us.

על החברה

Gong פיתחה מנוע מונחה בינה מלאכותית, שמסייע לעובדים בעולם העסקים לעבוד בצורה יעילה יותר. מדובר במנוע שאוסף תקשורת בין אנשים—שיחות, מיילים, צ'אטים—"מבין" אותה ומכוון את ההבנה לשיפור מקצועי של עובדים בחברה, לשקיפות גדולה יותר בארגון, ולתובנות אסטרטגיות להנהלה.

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