Risk management lead

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תיאור משרה

Every day, millions of people rely on Mint to stay on top of finances, bills, budgets, credit scores and more. As “Minters,” we’re an entrepreneurial team within Intuit who share a passion for personal finance, building awesome mobile app experiences, and helping customers build their financial futures. Our Mint app, designed for iOS, Android and web, is absolutely free to customers. We monetize our app through highly targeted advertising that leverages the rich user data in Mint to connect users with offers that help them save money and build the financial freedom to live the lives they want.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • This role offers a unique opportunity to innovate and improve the Intuit’s Consumer Risk mitigation engine and the entire fraud detection capabilities.
  • Taking ownership on significant domains and projects together with performing as a Risk Product lead.
  • Leverage successfully and enhance between the Customer experience and the need to minimize the Fraud rate
  • Responsible for risk policy optimization, making sound decisions that balance risk, cost of risk, experience and financial performance.
  • Responsible for determining impact on customers, operations, financial results and future business growth when setting or revising risk management policies.
  • Leading high scale Risk projects that contain multiple and various teams (R&D, product and care teams) across the organization, external vendors and with partners while direct interaction with senior level employees.
  • Constant analysis and research using multiple tools in order to optimize the various risk mitigation methods and mechanisms

דרישות תפקיד

 3-4 years’ experience in e-commerce, payments or financial services in Fraud Management

·      SQL – Mandatory

·      Proven project management capabilities

·      Proven experience with managing external vendors

·      Bachelor’s Degree

·      Machine Learning technologies - advantage 


על החברה

Intuit היא חברה ממוקדת לקוחות ומוכוונת עיצוב. מוצרי הדגל שלה - QuickBooks, TurboTax ו-Mint, מדגימים את המחויבות לביצוע מהפך בדרך שבה אנשים מנהלים את החשבונות האישיים שלהם, מפעילים עסקים קטנים ומשלמים לעובדיהם. Intuit הגדירה את עצמה מחדש והפכה מחברת תוכנה למחשבים אישיים מצפון אמריקה, לחברת מוצרי ופלטפורמות ענן.

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