Staff Big Data Developer, Machine Learning

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תיאור משרה

Intuit has set one of its most important R&D efforts in Israel. Our AI/ML Data Science group has been established at the beginning of 2017, and after 2 years we have 27 people working, and continue to grow. The target is to have about 100 people in 3-4 years. 

We contribute Machine Learning-based features to numerous large development teams (US-based mostly) of existing products. 

The role combines both aspects of:

  • Participating ​in building a platform for deploying ML features -as part of the ML engineering team effort
  • Working ​closely with Data Scientists: backend infrastructure project-oriented, as well as being a focal point for technical enablement of the DS teams
  • Implementing ​models with high-performance for real-time SLA scoring/decisions (100s of msec) based on Machine Learning


How you’ll succeed

  • Push ​deliverables to production - making prototypes production-ready in terms of performance, latency, edge-case handling
  • Balance ​the daily work with the long-term projects
  • Bridge ​between US-based and Israel R&D teams
  • Participate ​in doing our own DevOps 


Expected outcomes

  • 1-2 high-impact solutions​ delivered annually
  • Influence ​the team - drive initiatives, help set the team’s strategy and direction 

דרישות תפקיד

What it takes

  • Computer science fundamentals​: data structures, algorithms, performance complexity, and implications of computer architecture on software performance (I/O and memory tuning)
  • Working experience with ​AWS ​and namely familiarity with high-scale issues, and high data workloads
  • Strong technology fluency in:
  • Programming languages: ​Scala or Java (Python - advantage)
  • Big Data technologies: ​Spark, DynamoDB, Kafka 
  • Docker/K8S 
  • DevOps-oriented (CI/CD) 
  • Efficiently navigating a corporate environment
  • People skills, working closely with Israeli and American teams
  • Academic background


על החברה

Intuit היא חברה ממוקדת לקוחות ומוכוונת עיצוב. מוצרי הדגל שלה - QuickBooks, TurboTax ו-Mint, מדגימים את המחויבות לביצוע מהפך בדרך שבה אנשים מנהלים את החשבונות האישיים שלהם, מפעילים עסקים קטנים ומשלמים לעובדיהם. Intuit הגדירה את עצמה מחדש והפכה מחברת תוכנה למחשבים אישיים מצפון אמריקה, לחברת מוצרי ופלטפורמות ענן.

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