Staff Data Scientist, QB Invoicing

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Join our mission

Intuit is a global technology platform that helps our customers and communities overcome their most important financial challenges. We help give over 50 million consumer, small business, and self-employed customers around the world the opportunity to prosper.


Quickbooks is the leader in the small business accounting market and we help millions of small businesses with staying on top of their books and with financial decisions. With over 100 million invoices are sent annually on the QB platform, the team’s mission is to transform the invoicing process from a mental burden to an optimized, frictionless process. We are building an AI-powered invoicing assistant to help small business owners take action on time, avoid mistakes, and get paid faster.

How you will lead

  • Build models from inception to production
  • Own your part in the models and features
  • Experiment a lot - a process that is very agile, to assess values of ideas, and moving forward
  • Be product-oriented and innovation-oriented
  • Effectively collaborate with partners and stakeholders

דרישות תפקיד

What you'll bring

  • Executor: Capable of executing tasks, defining own timeline, and be mission-focused
  • Practical: be product-oriented and innovation-oriented
  • Technical: Be technically capable of taking tasks and performing them quickly and well - data analysis, querying, and building models
  • Customer obsessed: Understanding of the end-goal - creating customer solutions

workהגשת מועמדות


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Intuit היא חברה ממוקדת לקוחות ומוכוונת עיצוב. מוצרי הדגל שלה - QuickBooks, TurboTax ו-Mint, מדגימים את המחויבות לביצוע מהפך בדרך שבה אנשים מנהלים את החשבונות האישיים שלהם, מפעילים עסקים קטנים ומשלמים לעובדיהם. Intuit הגדירה את עצמה מחדש והפכה מחברת תוכנה למחשבים אישיים מצפון אמריקה, לחברת מוצרי ופלטפורמות ענן.

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