Senior IOS/Android Developer

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תיאור משרה

Passionate about creating world-class apps and maybe even have a secret obsession for feeding people? Then keep on reading!

What you tell your friends when they ask what you do...

“Our team is responsible for our mobile applications which allow people to order their favorite food! I work closely with my fellow code enthusiasts, product owners, QA, UI/UX designers, and our goal is to deliver sustainable work we can be proud of!"

Your mission

  • Design, build, create & maintain code for a multi-country operating platform.
  • Developing more than one product as the company seeks to become better in more fields.
  • Teach, share, influence & learn together with a company, a scrum team, a second family

דרישות תפקיד

  • At least 4 years of experience in developing native for Android or iOS (one of the two) Apps
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect applications to back-end services
  • You are proactive in sharing and seeking out information
  • Giving and receiving feedback is second nature to you
  • You have an eye for detail but also understand when a more pragmatic approach is needed
  • Writing tests for your code is part of your definition of done
  • You grasp the importance of UX and the work you deliver is sustainable
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (Git)
  • You are familiar with architectural patterns like MVP, MVVM, MVC & MVI and can rehearse them while solving a Rubix cube. Challenge accepted?
  • For Android developers, you are knowledgeable on Kotlin, Java, Room Database and Coroutines
  • For iOS developers, you are knowledgeable on Swift, Obj-c, CoreData, Core Animation, Core Graphics, and Core Text

Just Eat-Takeaway

על החברה

Just Eat-Takeaway, התאגיד ההולנדי, הוא מרקטפלייס של אוכל הפועל ב-23 מדינות ברחבי העולם. הוא נוסד לפני 20 שנה ובשנת 2018 רכש את תן ביס הישראלית בזכות המוצר הייחודי שלה ומתוך הבנה שמנוע הצמיחה העיקרי הצפוי לשנים הקרובות הוא קהל ה-B2B בו תן ביס מתמחה. מחלקת הטק מתפקדת כיחידה עצמאית בתוך Just Eat-Takeaway, מה שמאפשר שמירה על תרבות סטארטאפית, מהירה, ואג'יילית. החברה וההנהלה מאמינות בעצמאות, לימוד וחופש פעולה.

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