Email Marketing Lead

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תיאור משרה

The email marketing team needs a new brain! 

Our team is looking for an email marketer, a strategist at heart that thrives on making data-driven decisions, and has an eye for great design/UX and impactful copy. You’ll help scale the email marketing efforts to create crazy email logic and flawless experiences that help onboard, engage, retain and convert our users. 

You’ll be involved in mostly everything—we’re looking for an entrepreneurial mastermind that loves strategizing new ideas and is just as excited to bring them to life and test them. 

The Role

  • Manage email campaigns (newsletters, webinars, product launch and all the things in between)
  • Strategize our emails funnels to boost users activation, engagement, retention and conversion.
  • Create emails, from concept to launch.
  • Define, run and analyze A\B tests.
  • Work with designers, creatives, developers and other departments to create and deliver emails. 

דרישות תפקיד

  • Excellent level of spoken and written English (copy writing skills are a plus)
  • 3+ years experience working either in SaaS, Product, Marketing or any other Analytical/Creative position
  • HTML and CSS knowledge (and if you don't, would you be ready to learn?)
  • Fast learning and dynamic
  • Ability to solve problem and find solutions and workarounds
  • Creativity - the ability to come up with unique ideas and fast solutions
  • Data-driven. SQL knowledge is a plus
  • Multitask, switch focus between projects, and can work under pressure
  • Team player, full of energy (and if you love cats, that's a plus)

workהגשת מועמדות

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