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Over 100,000 organisations in over 200 industries in more than 140 countries trust monday.com to liberate their teams from menial and mundane work, enabling them to plan and run business processes, projects, and everyday work - fast, their way.

With monday.com, teams solve problems faster, instantly adapt, and continually improve. They become more fulfilled as they achieve extraordinary results. They become agents of excellence.  

We're looking for iOS Developer to join our rapidly growing R&D team. This is an amazing opportunity to join one of Israel's fastest growing startups and make an immediate and real impact on the future of our product.

Come and check out our Engineering Blog - https://engineering.monday.com/

Learn more about our engineering culture-

Impact-driven R&D


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The impact engineering culture


The Role

We're a very fast-growing, fantastic group of talented developers. Our challenges are crazy. The opportunities are enormous — we are building genuinely extraordinary things! For example: We just implemented a bi-directional recycler view to support high-performance scrolling of the grid with thousands of items, and we intend to release it as an open-source library.

We are Building reliable infrastructure to support multiple views like Board, Kanban, Map View while modularizing application into small modules.

We already see high adoption from the users. And this is just a beginning.

Of course, we write in Swift, we use a lot of modern solutions but most importantly - all of them serve our purpose - moving fast and building the right thing.

It's a great chance to be part of an exceptional team and to face product and engineering challenges. It's an opportunity to build extraordinary things that are used by people around the world (more than 100k companies). Every day we learn something new. Every day is a challenge and strives for success.

Here is a little more about our mobile team - Developing For Mobile – Challenges and Opportunities


דרישות תפקיד

A great team player with vast experience in iOS who is ready to take his knowledge to the next level and grow beyond the boundaries of development only.

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