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Being a Product manager on monday.com 

Your work will influence the day-to-day work of more than 100,000 businesses (and counting). It’s a lot, but in many aspects, we feel that we’re just getting started. You’ll be a full owner of your domain and in a great position to make a real impact on the entire company. We’re looking for a stellar product manager who is passionate about building innovative and lovable products and wants to lead a world-class team of engineers & designers. Someone who always starts with the ideal end state first and works backward from it, challenging all current assumptions.You must be comfortable with being both strategic and hands-on, operating in a hyper-growth environment and have no fear of failing, and getting back on your feet again. 


Why the insights domain? 

Being data-obsessed from day one here on monday.com proved itself to be pretty effective for us. It’s not a buzzword, and we practice what we preach.  We believe in the power of data in building great teams and shaping businesses to outdo their best. We believe that setting goals, and tracking them with real time data can make anyone’s work better it doesn’t only belong to analysts and accountants. Our goal is to democratize data. If you’re a data geek, passionate about building effective yet often bizarre data visualizations (have you checked out our Llama farm?), but also well aware of how working with data can be hard and intimidating for many people- you should apply, we’re waiting for you.

The Role

  • You will establish a shared vision for your product across the company while working with talented cross-functional team members (across engineering, design, customer success, marketing, sales, etc.). You’ll take full ownership and have a massive impact on the company. 
  • You will drive focus and speed within your team to ship products people need and love.
  • You will collect and analyze a wide range of inputs to identify opportunities to make sure your team is always working on the most impactful things.
  • You’ll evaluate the team’s solutions through qualitative methods such as user interviews, usability tests & surveys along with data analysis and AB tests
  • You will understand the market, competition, and champion our users to craft product strategies that will lead to long term success.
  • You will motivate a group of some of the smartest, most committed, and fun people you’ve ever worked with. 

דרישות תפקיד

  • You are an owner with entrepreneurial qualities - You’re self-driven, you take extreme ownership, and you feel comfortable making decisions without consensus.
  • You are a great human being. You’re all into teamwork- we’re not a great fit for genius jerks. 
  • You have at least 3 years of experience as a product manager with a proven track record of impactful shipping products.
  • You are passionate about building great user experiences, and you have a keen eye for details, UX, and design.
  • You communicate well. You can explain the rationale of product decisions, and you can motivate, lead, and champion a product without “formal” authority.
  • You are analytical and experienced in working both with qualitative insights and quantitative data to drive product decisions. You know your way around A/B tests, analytics tools and user interviews, surveys, and usability tests.
  • You are a fast learner, adaptive, and feel at home in a fast paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Previous experience leading SaaS products/ consumer products – Advantage.
  • Previous entrepreneurial or consulting experience – Advantage.

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