Security Engineer

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תיאור משרה

The security team, which is part of the R&D’s infrastructure team, is a small but brilliant and hard-working team that manages and leads the company’s security aspects across all areas. As a company that stores and processes sensitive data for hundreds of thousands of users around the world, it is our responsibility to ensure that the company’s core assets and our users’ security and privacy are protected under the highest standards and at all costs. We strive to lead the company in all things security, take initiatives and take part in large processes led by other teams that require our expertise through help with planning, actual implementation and monitoring.

The Role

●     Taking initiative and pushing forward security projects that affect the entire company and production environments

●     Designing and implementing our security infrastructure and tools

●     Writing and implementing company-wide security policies

●     Acting as a source of knowledge and representing the company in front of customers and vendors

●     Managing our Bug Bounty program

●     Working closely with development teams, providing assistance and guidance in large development projects

●     Joining our incident response team and playing an active role in incident management, mitigation and investigation

●     Working with a small team of experienced and highly talented infrastructure and security engineers

דרישות תפקיד

2+ years experience as a Security Engineer or equivalent experience

●     Extensive knowledge of web security, based on the OWASP Top 10 security risks, impact and mitigation

●     Extensive knowledge of cloud infrastructure security, including IDS/IPS technologies, WAF, SIEM , identity management, monitoring and more

●     Knowledge of building modern web applications and understanding how the full application release cycle works (CI/CD)

●     Good web development skills

●     Cyber security certification (e.g. CISSP, GSEC, CEH, ECSS, CCISO…) - advantage

●     Service in a cyber-oriented military position (8200, 81, Cyber Defender…) - advantage

●     DevOps and Infrastructure experience - advantage

●     Relevant academic degree - advantage

●     Ability to see the big picture and balance the needs of the product with security needs

●     Team player, egoless, strong communication skills and empathy

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