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Video is the future. We cherish the power of storytelling and the ability to capture people’s attention with ideas that change the way they think. As we grow as a company, we’re building a video team to communicate to the world our vision, brand, and product. If you love making videos, and love telling stories, this is the place for you to grow and create.

In fact this page would be much more effective if it was a video.

The Role

You’ll be making videos. Lots of videos.

From day one you’ll have immediate exposure to an enormous audience.

You’ll be helping to build a small team from the ground up. We’ll be thinking together, creating together, building together. This is a new team within the company, we don’t get instructions from above, we wake up and decide the best way to move the company forward.

You should love telling stories and influencing the way people think.

We will need to be entrepreneurial with our ideas and execution. The success of the videos will depend entirely upon us.

You need to be confident and proficient in managing the end-to-end post-production and creation process.


Here are some examples of the type of videos you’ll be creating:

Video 1: You should definitely watch this video before applying

Video 2: A video about the sensual pleasures of data 

Video 3: $25 million dollars of money

Video 4: This is an example of a Youtube ad

דרישות תפקיד

  • English fluency
  • 2+ years experience creating videos + content
  • Proficiency with Adobe creative cloud. We edit with Premiere, After effects, Audition
  • Experience with live recording techniques; Lighting, shooting & sound
  • Exceptional storytelling skills
  • Must be versed in all aspects of short film creation; pre-production to shooting, editing and post-production
  • Video creator. You wake up in the morning and want to make videos
  • Please only apply with an attached portfolio

workהגשת מועמדות

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המטרה של היא להוות את המרכז הווירטואלי של כל עסק, גדול כקטן. המוצר של החברה מאפשר תקשורת קלה בין חברי צוות, מעקב אחר משימות, ובניית פרויקטים בצורה שנכונה לכל לקוח, תוך הפגנת יכולות מדהימות בניתוח נתונים והצגתם לדרגי ניהול, ושימוש ביכולות אינטגרציה מתקדמות שממשקות את כלל התוכנות של הלקוח למקום אחד.

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