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תיאור משרה

We are looking for a top-notch data scientist to lead the design and implementation of the machine learning models and pipelines in Natural Intelligence’s experimentation and personalization platforms, using cutting edge technology and tools.


  • End-to-end ownership, from design to deploy, on models and components of our experimental and personalization systems.
  • Develop algorithm based systems to support business decisions, taking end-to-end ownership - from design to deploy
  • Develop models that help us understand and describe our customers – e.g. learning how to extract deep interests and tendencies from event streams.
  • Develop production code for both batch and real time models in collaboration with our data and service engineering teams.
  • Manage an iterative experimentation portfolio, which validates and feeds back into our core customer understandings.
  • Build processes to support fast iterative experimentation, both for model creation and for customer-facing products.

דרישות תפקיד

  • 5+ years of experience in a role developing predictive or explanatory models and/or experimentation processes
  • Deep mathematical knowledge and ability to understand, utilize and innovate on state-of-the art machine learning algorithms and/or statistical modeling
  • Good understanding of data structures and data architecture principles
  • Expertise in at least one programming languages (e.g. java, python, scala)
  • MSc. or higher degree in Math/Statistics/Computer Science - an advantage
  • Experience in working side-by-side with data-engineers - an advantage
  • Expertise with AWS ecosystem (especially spark) - an advantage

workהגשת מועמדות

Natural Intelligence

על החברה

ב- Natural Intelligence עוזרים לעשרות מיליוני צרכנים ברחבי העולם לקבל החלטות באופן מושכל ובקלות. המומחיות של החברה, היא זיקוק המידע והתאמתו באופן אישי ומדויק, תוך שימוש בביג דאטה, טכנולוגיה ועיצוב מתקדמים. זו חברה פרטית ורווחית שצומחת על בסיס ההצלחה שלה, ללא משקיעים חיצוניים. היא קיימת משנת 2009 וצמחה במהירות לאורך השנים. כיום היא מונה כ- 350 עובדים.

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