Computer Vision Algorithms Developer

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תיאור משרה

Are you smart, enthusiastic, innovative? Do you lose hours of sleep planning sophisticated software solutions? 

Join our top-notch Computer Vision Algorithm experts at Pixellot and help us revolutionize sports production.

Pixellot’s automated sports production solutions revolutionize traditional video capture, production and distribution processes, enabling professional and amateur sports organizations to affordably cover and monetize their events.

As a computer vision algorithm expert you will work closely with other members of the team and with other teams in the company, and will have a significant impact over the company's activity and success. You will take part in Deep Learning and Computer Vision research for developing the next product for Pixellot, of detection, recognition, and Automatic production with unmanned camera system. 

As part of your role you will:

  • Research and develop state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Deep Learning based algorithms intended for the sports market, and to be integrated into Pixellot's products. This includes academic-style research, and implementation in C++/Matlab /Python environments.
  • Design and implement state-of-the-art algorithms in product platform (C/C++), while considering constraints such as computation resources, response time, memory consumption, etc.
  • Work and cooperation with All-star teammates across our engineering group.

דרישות תפקיד

  • Impressive M.Sc/Ph.D. degree from prominent academic institute (Technion, TAU, BGU, BIU). Relevant degrees: Electrical engineering/ Computer Science / Applied mathematics/ Applied Physics / Bio-Medical engineering - Mandatory
  • Proven experience in computer vision and deep learning algorithmic development - Mandatory
  • At least 2 years’ experience in computer vision algorithms development - Mandatory
  • Excellent C++ programming skills - Mandatory
  • Experience In OpenCV - Advantage
  • GPU computing (e.g., OpenCV), with parallel considerations - Advantage
  • Experience in advanced deep learning methods applied for image/object/face recognition and tracking with tensorflow, caffe, keras etc – Advantage.
  • C/C++ programming experience in embedded platforms - Advantage.

workהגשת מועמדות


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פיקסלוט מפיקה באופן אוטומטי שידורים חיים של משחקי ספורט ללא מגע יד אדם. החברה הוקמה ב-2013. כיום היא משדרת כ-90 אלף שעות שידור ספורט בחודש, מה שהופך אותה למעשה, לחברת הפקות הספורט הגדולה בעולם מבחינת היקפי שעות שידור.

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