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תיאור משרה

Playstudios-IL is anything but a standard games company, in fact - it’s not like any other company you've seen before. Sure, we do build an incredibly entertaining game experiences, and yes, you will see game designers, animators and tech ninjas walking our corridors, but it will feel like living on a rocketship.

We love data! We use data to guide our every decision and to grow and improve our business. We have an incredible team of Data Scientists, our work is highly sought-after, and our impact on the business is tremendous.

Your role within our team

The size and complexity of the mobile games environment poses great problems to work on for Data lovers. Our ideal candidate should have one hand on a whiteboard writing equations and the other hand on a keyboard writing code, for those problems simply cannot be solved with human intuition. We are hiring outstanding Data Scientist, who will use innovative statistical and machine learning approaches to generate invaluable insights.

דרישות תפקיד

  • Lead analytical projects focused on driving customer and revenue growth, working closely with Marketing, Product, and Engineering
  • Innovate new modeling and machine learning approaches
  • Mine data and analytics at user level to gain a better understanding of their funnel and engagement behaviors, including impacts of growth, and conversion rate optimization strategies
  • Use exploratory data analysis techniques to identify meaningful relationships, patterns, or trends from complex structured and unstructured datasets
  • Develop tools which provide insights and visualization into channel and funnel performance relative to KPIs, projections, and historical performance. Analyze and determine key insights from business drivers, competitive environment, trends, and operating metrics.
  • Identify impactful business problems and translate them into relevant analyses and actionable insights.
  • Analyze and assist progress of acquisition performance (attribution, paid/organic, etc...), customer lifetime value, and user conversion funnel data by identifying opportunities to improve ROI, engagement and retention.
  • Regularly present findings across teams and to senior management to drive optimal decision making

Sample project

  • Predict User Lifetime Value based on user activities to optimize our media sources
  • Build an exploration tool for marketers to optimize ROI and marketing performance
  • Build an AI tool to detect anomalies and spikes in marketing activities such as media spent and product KPIs

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על החברה

Playstudios מפתחת משחקי Real Time מרובי משתתפים ל- Mobile. החברה החלה את דרכה בשנת 2011 כסטארט אפ ישראלי בשם Shaker - בר וירטואלי (על גבי הפלטפורמה של פייסבוק) ליצירת מפגשים בין אנשים. אף על פי שבגלגולה הנוכחי, החברה מפתחת משחקים, המהות נותרה כשהייתה - היא עדיין מפגישה בין אנשים שרוצים לשחק יחד בזמן אמת. ב-2016 נרכשה Shaker על ידי חברת Playstudios האמריקאית, שלה סטודיואים נוספים בארצות הברית ובהונג קונג. הסטודיו התל אביבי שיושב בפלורנטין מונה מעל 100 עובדים, אשר ממשיכים לפתח את משחק ה- Social Casino המצליח POP! Slots, שהוכרז השנה בלאס וגאס כ- Most Innovative Social Slot Game.

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