Lead Game Economist

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תיאור משרה

Building a successful FREE 2 PLAY game is a challenge. 

A big part of it is crafting a living and breathing economy that helps make the FREE game into a viable business.

To create a clever agile economy, we rely on deep understanding of player behaviour, intelligent adaptive models and A LOT of data.

You will be responsible to design and build free-to-play game economy, understand how a game works and how different customers behave in it.

You have to design & groom the core economy for different virtual products that the game offers, define different metrics that allow you to measure and keep improving. your responsibility is to identify and develop the purchase drivers and challenges in the game economy context, create new segments on design, and optimize the pricing to improve the game performance.

Main Responsibilities: 

  • Design the economic systems to drive players to play and enhance their game experience
  • Design new features that improve long-term player satisfaction, and provide more monetization opportunities  
  • Recommend rewards and monetization game features to create an economic system to fulfill player needs  
  • Collaborate with product & live ops owners, marketing managers, UX/UI designers, analytics team, data scientists and development teams. 
  • Manage the economy and pricing of virtual goods; balance between free content vs. paid currency in the game economy  
  • Investigate different macro economy models for different segments of users.
  • Build and analyze simulations and predictive models to proactively forecast the results of changes to content
  • Plan A/B testing plans and analyze their effectiveness

דרישות תפקיד

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, or a quantitative field
  • Enjoy working with numbers, formulas, data analysis and excellent skills in Excel.
  • A strong interest in gaming. An interest in mobile F2P games.   
  • Experience with hands on data analysis
  • SQL\R knowledge
  • knowledge and experience with online/multi-player/social games or free to play – advantag

workהגשת מועמדות


על החברה

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