DMC Team Lead

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תיאור משרה

As a DMC Team Lead, you will be leading a team in the core platform group, designing and implementing new features while maintaining maximum performance, investigating complex real-world issues, and developing the datapath components that make our cluster the fastest NoSQL database on earth, supporting over tens of millions ops/sec at sub-millisecond latency with true linear scalability. You will lead, motivate, teach and recruit a set of highly skilled developers supporting over 300,000 databases on our service and providing solutions to the world’s largest companies. 

Our ideal candidate is a strong individual that loves to work with a diverse team of bright and ambitious people. You combine excellent analytical skills with lots of real-world software engineering experience and great leadership qualities. 

If you are passionate about technology and want to lead a group of people tackling the hardest problems in high-performance, distributed systems, then this is the right challenge for you. 


● Lead, mentor and recruit a team of developers working on a large scale, distributed product. 

● Collaborate closely with Product, DevOps, Support and other R&D teams. 

● Guide the architecture and take part in the implementation of major features. 

● Help develop technology roadmaps and schedules. 

● Drive improvements to product features and the development process. 

דרישות תפקיד

5+ years of proven track record building and managing high-performing teams 

● Strong leadership skills and ability to build, execute and own the team’s success and improvements 

● 10+ years of programming experience (preferably working on performance-critical systems in C / C++) 

● Good understanding of networking and distributed systems 

● Understanding of open-source development models and how the Linux community interacts 

● B.Sc (M.Sc preferred) in Computer Science or Software Engineering 

● Self-directed, ambitious and eager to learn new things 


● Experience designing and implementing distributed systems is a BIG Advantage 

● Passionate about technology (always learning about new tech; A PC kid who started 

programming at age 12, etc.) 

● Experience with NoSQL Databases—especially Redis 

● Experience with Python / Go / Rust 


על החברה

RedisLabs היא חברה מובילה בתחום ה-DataBase. הקוד שפיתחה החברה משרת מאות אלפי מפתחים בעולם ומאפשר לאפליקציות להגיב בזמן אמת, תחת כל עומס של טרנזקציות, על ידי שימוש במבני נתונים מובנים מתוך זיכרון. החברה הוקמה בשנת 2011 ומונה 400 עובדים ב-3 סייטים מרכזיים: ארה"ב , לונדון וישראל , כאן גם נמצא מרכז הפיתוח. עד היום הושקעו בחברה 147 מיליון דולרים.

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