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תיאור משרה

As a Software Team Leader at Riskified, you will lead a talented group of experienced developers in creating a mission-critical suite of services in the new payment optimization domain. The team will work to enable a new Riskified product, working closely with Product, Research and Analytics teams to validate this new offering and drive a new business forward.

We are looking for a team leader with a passion for service oriented and microservice architectures, high performance, reliability and clean design, who is able to focus, support and drive a team while consolidating requirements from all stakeholders, displaying a high interest in our business and a proactive approach to constant improvement and problem-solving.

Our tech stack includes Kubernetes, Scala, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Kafka, Avro, gRPC, AWS, GCP, Elastic, DynamoDB.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Lead your team in delivering high-quality products to Riskified’s production environments and ensure production health
  • Plan ahead with the team on how to deliver value in the payment optimization domain.
  • Collaborate with product managers, researchers and other stakeholders in the creation of the team’s and company roadmap
  • Mentor and grow your team to be independent and highly effective engineers, planners and future leaders
  • Provide consultation and solutions to customers and management on real business problems
  • Be a focal point for your team, group and department

Our R&D Team

  • We practice agile methodologies, building cross functional teams around business value with a high level of independence.
  • We aim for a DevOps culture, where each team has end-to-end ownership of their product, with a can-do and collaborative mindset.
  • We're passionate about quality at scale, performance engineering, high availability, robust distributed architecture, and clean code. We work with various programming languages and data platforms to optimize the right technological solutions for each product.
  • As part of our team, you'll work with cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the creation and maintenance of one of the most interesting and complex products on the market, including:
  • Our analysis flow, involving a variety of data sources + complex analytical logic, with high availability and SLA requirements
  • Our business applications, meant to serve the world’s first tier customers’ payments teams and their varied use cases
  • Our operational tools, used to maintain effective, self-serve management of considerable onboarding size and monitor our customers’ analytical performance

דרישות תפקיד

  • 1+ years of management experience in leading a team of engineers in production - Must
  • 1+ years of experience in Agile project management, scrum management
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in developing high scale distributed systems/microservices - Must
  • Experience in cloud-native microservices architecture or SaaS environments
  • Strong communication skills
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or any equivalent degree/experience

workהגשת מועמדות


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