Global Systems Integration Leader

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תיאור משרה

Sisense’s mission is to ensure every employee who joins our company has the opportunity to do the best work of their career. We’re looking for a Global GSI Lead to join our Cloud Alliances and Partners Sales team. As our WW GSI Lead, you will recruit GSI partners and onboard them to the Sisense partner Ecosystem. You will also work with our sales team and leadership to accelerate our business.


You’ll be surrounded by a team that loves what they do and is passionate about being a market leader in BI. Our team has the exciting opportunity to drive business growth at Sisense. This is a high impact role where you’ll be working cross-functionally with many different teams and key stakeholders. 

The Sisense channel and ecosystem is a critical business objective for the company to grow and accelerate our presence globally. The GSI part of our ecosystem is essential for our growth. 

This role reports to our VP of Cloud Alliances and GTM Development. She previously spent 4 years as the GM of Microsoft Israel, leading all Sales, Marketing, and on-going operations. After 22 years at Microsoft joined Sisense to build and drive the Sisense Ecosystem.


Within your first week... 

  • You’ll conduct 1:1 meetings with each of your key partner stakeholders. You’ll learn about our partner programs and processes, and understand the needs of sales to recruit the right GSI.

By Day 30...

  • You will learn about the Sisense product and partner programs. 
  • You will have built relationships with people in the Strategic Partner group, the people in the Sales org, and the relevant people at the CS Partner group. 
  • You will have a strong understanding for the business needs and you’ll create a plan to recruit the right partners/GSI based on those needs. 

Day 60...

  • You will work on the recruiting of at least three GSI and start the onboarding for the GSI. 
  • You will introduce the GSI relevant people with the relevant Sisense sales leadership. 
  • You will start to land the GSI partnership with the sales team in targeted geographies. 

Day 90...

  • You have closed some sales, you have a healthy pipeline generated, and you’re consistently following up on leads coming from GSI. 
  • You will create a case study for the sales team on working with GSI. 
  • You will work with the regional channel manager to land and expand the partnership.

דרישות תפקיד

  • You’ve managed to learn about Sisense Business and Ecosystem and present our value proposition 
  • You’ve managed to understand how to best work with the sales team and have a clear plan of execution on driving the salespeople 
  • You have a GSI recruit and work plan - with Targets, KPI agreeable with the Sales leadership 
  • You have countless examples of leading our sales in a better way with partners and you’ve measured them.

workהגשת מועמדות


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