Senior Product Manager

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תיאור משרה

We are looking for a Senior Product Manager who has the skill, personal qualities and motivation to help us take our hyper-growth in the BI space to the next level.

What You’ll Do?

Clients appreciate Sisense because it enables them to utilize any data in the business for smarter decision making, without lengthy and expensive projects. Sisense administrators, CloudOps and DevOps teams make sure our solution is integrated successfully and in a robust manner into the organization, while meeting Enterprise grade security and scale requirements. These users need an ambassador: a PM who will make sure they can stay efficient and in control of their BI implementation. 

You will help Sisense improve and grow its offering to become a leader in the modern BI space and participate in the decision making on how to get there. You will be involved in projects across Cloud/SaaS, the big-data ecosystem and our Enterprise offering that will help us penetrate the global Enterprise BI market even more. 

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Developing the Sisense SaaS offering and an Enterprise-grade platform. This includes deployment, administrative features, and product security.
  • Dive into the world of our cutting-edge cloud technologies, write product requirements and work closely with RnD developing these capabilities 
  • Become a market expert in Cloud BI
  • Find and steer the engineering opportunities that will make the most impact for our customers
  • Contribute to and execute on a visionary road map that will enable our continued growth

דרישות תפקיד

  • Ability to dive-in, and get things done
  • Ability to tackle complex projects across multiple teams and stakeholders
  • Experience in managing Cloud/SaaS products
  • Experience working with products using modern cloud architecture, Linux, micro-services, and containers, and rapidly ramping up on new technologies
  • Ability to weigh business and technical requirements
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Ability to explain complex requirements in simple words
  • Self-motivated and proactive
  • Extreme multi-tasker
  • Critical thinker
  • Enjoys working with people

Nice to have:

  • Experience in B2B Enterprise software
  • Experience handling security issues
  • Experience working with large enterprise customer

workהגשת מועמדות


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