CyberSecurity R&D Engineer – SecDev

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תיאור משרה

We are looking for someone armed with a strong tool-kit to develop and maintain technical solutions that adhere to engineering and architectural design principles while meeting business requirements. You’ll also provide technical expertise with a focus on efficiency, reliability, scalability, and security. This mandate includes planning, evaluating, recommending, designing, operationalizing, and supporting solutions in compliance with enterprise and industry standards. At TD, we hope you'll be inspired both by the work we do and the people who make it all happen.

Meaningful work is fueled by meaningful performance and career development conversations with your manager. Here's some of what you may be asked to perform:

  • Apply your deep technology expertise to ensure all TD areas that touch various technologies have the necessary tools, processes and documentation to operate effectively.
  • Execute on TD Technology's engineering strategy as it relates to the introduction of tools and the automation of build, test, release and configure across application, platform and infrastructure.
  • Partner with Operations to automatically integrate with appropriate tools and processes as part of automated/self-serve application, platform or Infrastructure releases.
  • Apply an in-depth understanding of relevant business needs and work with technology partners to identify and leverage synergies across the various areas.
  • Challenge yourself as an expert, lead innovator and change agent for the programs and services under management.
  • Draw on best practices and your knowledge of internal and external business issues to improve products or services.
  • Monitor and control costs associated with the work you do.
  • Be prepared to collaborate with governance and control groups, (e.g. regulatory and operational risk, compliance and audit), provide your subject matter expertise and consult on risk issues related to Engineering technology and tools.
  • Develop and/or contribute to negotiations of third-party contracts/agreements.
  • Work with your team, business and tech partners, vendor platform provides, engineering firms etc. to keep abreast of trends, products, frameworks, applications.
  • Maintain knowledge and understanding of external development, engineering, emerging solutions, market conditions and their impact. 

דרישות תפקיד

  • University or Post-Graduate Degree.
  • Strong academic background (e.g., computer science, engineering).
  • 5-7 years relevant experience.
  • Solid experience, knowledge and skills in your own discipline.
  • Advanced knowledge of specific domain or range of engineering frameworks, technology, tools, processes and procedures, as well as organization issues.
  • Advanced knowledge of the business, its standards, applications, systems, networks, innovation, design activities, best practices.
  • Ability to work independently under minimal guidance.
  • Subject matter expertise and ability to share with less experienced colleagues.
  • Capacity and confidence to solve complex problems and take a new perspective on existing solutions. 

TD Bank

על החברה

לפני כשנה תאגיד הענק הבינלאומי TD Bank פתח את מרכז החדשנות שלו בישראל, שמתמקד בעולם הסייבר ונמצא בחיפוש מתמיד אחר טכנולוגיות וחידושים כחול-לבן בתחום. מרכז החדשנות הישראלי של TD Bank ממוקם בלב תל אביב, במתחם WeWork. עובדים בו מפתחים ומהנדסים מתחומים שונים, כמו SOC Analyst וגם Security Engineers. נכון לעכשיו, זהו סניף קטן ומשפחתי שבו 10 עובדים, אך הוא צפוי להכפיל את כמות העובדים שלו בזמן הקרוב. המרכז נמצא בחיפוש מתמיד אחר טכנולוגיות ופיתוחים ישראליים שיכולים לא רק להגן על מידע, אלא גם לחסוך זמן ומשאבים יקרים מבחינת תהליכי עבודה שונים, על ידי שימוש והטמעה של טכנולוגיות ישראליות במערך הטכנולוגי של הבנק.

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